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Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is an integral component of structural fire protection safety in a building. PFP attempts to contain fire and smoke, or slow the spread, through use of fire-resistant materials installed in walls, floors, and doors. Common materials used for this practice would be Fire batt, Intumescent mastic, compound mortar, fire collars but to name a few


The aim of Fire Protection to steel, is to insulate structures from the effects of the high temperatures that may be generated in a fire situation. This can be done with several systems, depending on the condition of the steel. There are Intumescent paints, BeamClad Rockwool systems and Cementitious sprays, all of which are very effective


Where there is a need to ventilate fire compartments, an Intumescent grill can be used within fire rated doors and compartment walls. Grills can achieve up to 60 minutes fire resistance. The system allows air to be circulated and moved throughout the building. In the event of a fire situation the system is designed to close and provide a fire barrier to restrict the passage of fire and smoke.


Air Seal Solutions can limit building air leakage, infiltration or air permeability and maximize building performance by minimising gaps at construction interface junctions preventing heated and cooled air escaping, reducing energy bills and CO2 emissions. Airtightness is essential in producing an energy efficient, comfortable and durable building.

With our in-depth knowledge of all stages of the airtightness process, and a sophisticated range of fully tested air seal products, we can help you achieve the required result with the minimum effect on the project


Intumescent Fire collars can be fitted to piping within new or existing buildings, forming a barrier at the point where the pipes pass between wall and floor cavities. The collars are securely fitted around the piping and fixed to the wall or floor surface with fireproof fixings. The intumescent materials in the collars expand to fill the void left by the plastic piping in fire conditions, helping stop the spread of fire and smoke.


Within the construction sector we can encounter many noise control issues. These can include noise from office to office, office to common areas, above ceiling and below floors. We have a range of products designed to combat these issues and to suit all environments.

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